Pluktuin Sayuran is an agroecological self-harvest market garden in Wageningen, The Netherlands. It is located within the beautiful surroundings of Pluktuin de Bosrand on the Wageningse Eng. We produce a diverse range of vegetables, herbs & edible flowers following the principles of agroecology; this means minimalising external inputs, zero agrochemical use, & working with nature to invest in biodiversity & long term soil health.


Hi! I'm Chris, your market gardener at Pluktuin Sayuran. I'm a British-Indonesian, WUR graduate, and passionate about all things food: where it comes from, how it tastes & how it can support livelihoods & local economies!


My previous academic focus on land & human rights, poverty & inequality kept leading me back to the same place: our broken industrial food system. Being a food producer gives me the opportunity to contribute to building a truly just & sustainable alternative, quite literally, from the ground up. So that's what I decided to do!


First of all, I want to provide people with a local source of delicious & healthy food. Healthy for you, your family, your wallet, but also for the planet. That's something you simply won't find in the supermarket!


Beyond that, I aim to share & pass on my passion for good food with others. Why does it matter how your food is produced? Can small farms really feed the world? Did you know there are hundreds of varieties of tomatoes, all with their own unique shape, texture and taste?


I hope to get people thinking about these sorts of questions & help to inspire a new generation of sustainable consumers, citizens & food producers.