Tips & tricks: Amsoi comes in a range of different colours, shapes & depths of flavour, often with a spicy mustardy kick. Plant out at a distance of 15cm from each other & water in well. Best planted in spring or late summer. Later plantings will often survive the winter & give you a nice early harvest the following year. They're also pretty!

Pick the outer & lower leaves for continued harvest over several weeks. 

Variety: Red Giant

Description: Large purple spoon-shaped variety with a strong flavour.

Price: €0,50/ block

Variety: Southern Giant Curled

Description: Green crinkly-leaved variety that can get quite large if you let it.

Price: €0,50/ block

Variety: Purple Frills

Description: As the name suggests, purple variety with delicate frilly leaves - pretty spicy eaten raw!

Price: €0,50/ block

Variety: Viva Mix

Description: A lottery of different varieties with 2-3 plants in each block for harvesting young salad leaves.

Price: €0,50/ block