Tips & tricks: Plant out at a distance of 30cm from each other and water in well. Beetroot can be planted throughout the year, up until late summer. Each soil block contains roughly 4 plants - no need to thin these out, beetroots like growing nice & cosy with their mates. One will naturally grow quicker than the others, so harvest this one first by gently twisting it out and leaving the others to grow on. Repeat until they're all gone for a continuous harvest. Don't throw away the leaves either, these are a great colourful spinach replacement!

Variety: Burpees Golden

Description: A yellow beet with dark orange skin & lovely sweet flavour.

Price: €0,50/ block

Variety: Chioggia

Description: This Italian variety has become popular with chefs due to the beautiful pink and white rings displayed when you cut it open. Also very nice raw in salads!

Price: €0,50/ block