Tips & tricks: Plant out at a distance of 40cm from each other & water in well. Very important to keep the soil moist to avoid stalks drying up & becoming tough. Low-effort way to do this would be to mulch well!

For a prolonged harvest you can pick the outer stalks as they grow, instead of cutting off the whole plant. In order to get the thick blanched stems you're used to from the supermarket, you'll need to earth-up around the plants (bury part of the stalk in soil). You can also not bother, then the flavour is more intense.

Variety: White Stem

Description: Self-blanching variety that doesn't require any earthing up. Easy!

Price: €0,50/ block

Variety: Redventure

Description: Beautiful variety that makes red/ deep purple stalks. The flavour is slightly more bitter than the green variety. This variety survived the winter of 2020/21 & started producing again in spring, tough as nails!

Price: €0,50/ block