Tips & tricks: Use good quality compost and pots that are at least 30cm deep. Cover the surface of the soil with a layer of mulch such as woodchips or hay to hold moisture in. You can encourage bushier growth by pruning the central stalk, this will pay back with more fruit later in the season.

You can add homemade fertiliser or worm castings from your wormenbak throughout the year to keep them well fed. Bring them inside & place by a sunny window for continued supplies throughout the winter!

Variety: Grandpa's Home Pepper

Description: Small spicy red chilis on low growing plants. Developed for year-round growth indoors, so bring them inside for winter & they'll carry on producing no problem. 40.000 - 60.000 Scoville.

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Bolivian Rainbow

Description: A very attractive variety with small chilis of many different colours (hence the name). 30.000 - 50.000 Scoville.

Price: €3/ plant