How to harvest: Grab a bunch of stalks together and snip off at the base. Often harvested with the unopened bud for sale at markets.

Price: € 1,00/ 20g

Meal ideas: Chinese chives are also known as garlic chives, signalling their mild garlic flavour. Use to garnish dishes just like you would with normal chives, but you can also use these more like a vegetable: deep fry bunches in tempura, stir fry with eggs, or try out this chive pocket recipe.

How to harvest: Grab a bunch of stalks together and snip off around halfway up.

Price: € 1,00/ 20g

Meal ideas: Another herb that is perfect for marinating roast vegetables or meat. You can also add it to dishes such as casseroles or stews to take them to another level of flavour! See more ideas here.