Tips & tricks: Plant out at a distance of 30cm from each other and water in well. Simply harvest by cutting off the stalks around 1/4 of the way up & wait for them to regrow to harvest again.

Chives will naturally form a clump over time, so you can multiply your supplies by dividing these clumps & replanting individually.

Variety: Prager

Description: Good flavoured chives with reasonably thick stems. Winter-hardy variety that dies back to the root in winter but regenerates in early spring. Forms large purple flowers from the 2nd year on that are also edible!

Price: €3/ pot

Variety: Nira

Description: Also know as Chinese Chives, this variety has a mild garlic flavour. Typically harvested when the flower buds have formed but not yet opened, for a juicy and tasty crunch.

Price: €3/ pot