Tips & tricks: Plant out at a distance of 75cm from each other & water in well. They like plenty of warmth, so pick out a nice sunny spot for them. Harvest as they develop, the smaller you harvest the more tender & intense the flavour.

The more often you pick the more they will produce, don't let any get too big otherwise the plant will focus all its energy there and not produce much else. Watch out, they can become enormous in just a couple of days, so keep an eye on them! The flowers are also edible.

I'd recommend having at least 2 plants for better pollination.


Variety: Golden Glory

Description: Yellow courgette with a nice firm texture.

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Lebanese White Bush

Description: Pale green courgette hugely popular across the Middle East. The flesh is tender and is even good eaten raw.

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Serafina

Description: Dark green marbled fruit, similar to what you normally find in the supermarket. This variety is quite compact & so doesn't require as much space as other types.

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Ronde de Nice

Description: A round pale green high-yielding variety. Perfect for stuffing!

Price: €3/ plant