Tips & tricks: Plant out at a distance of 25cm from each other & water in well. Keep well watered, especially through warmer months. If planting in the summer, consider a spot that gets some shade. Seedlings will take roughly a month until they are ready to harvest, depending on conditions.

Rather than waiting for the head to develop, why not try picking the outer & lower leaves & leaving the plant to continue growing. This way you can come back for another harvest each week for around 4-8 weeks, depending on the time of year.

Variety: Red Salad Bowl

Description: Oakleaf lettuce with a dark red colour, very pretty in salads. Good crunch & slightly more bitter flavour.

Price: €0,50/ block

Variety: Amerikaanse Roodrand

Description: A nice crunchy large leaved variety with leaves that start off green and shift into dark red on the ends.

Price: €0,50/ block

Variety: Black Seeded Simpson

Description: Large-leafed green pluksla variety that gives good harvests and is relatively heat tolerant.

Price: €0,50/ block

Variety: Lollo Rossa

Description: Beautiful red crinkly-leafed variety, with great texture & crunch for your salad bowl.

Price: €0,50/ block