Tips & tricks: Plant out around 15cm from each other. Each clump has multiple plants in. Rucola doesn't enjoy the heat which makes it want to bolt (flower & produce seed), so it's best planted in spring & again in late summer for an autumn harvest. However, the flowering stalks & flowers themselves are also edible & pretty delicious in fact.

Pick outer & lower leaves or simply grab a bunch of leaves together with your hands & snip off leaves with scissors. Take care to cut above the central growing point to allow for repeated harvests.

Variety: Esmee

Description: Your classic rucola variety with large frilled leaves & great taste.

Price: €0,50/ block

Variety: Sylvetta

Description: A wild variety with thinner deep cut leaves & a darker green colour. The taste is also much stronger than other varieties & has a a slightly nutty flavour. This variety is actually perennial, so if you leave it be it will grow back again next year!

Price: €0,50/ block