There is little in life more satisfying than sitting down to a meal containing ingredients you grew yourself! But raising plants can be tricky, especially in the early stages, and not everyone has the time, energy or space to grow their own seedlings.


If this sounds familiar, then no worries, I'm here to help! At Pluktuin Sayuran you can buy a selection of ready-to-go seedlings for your moestuin, back garden or balcony. I sow them myself, and raise them with nothing but compost & a sprinkle of tender loving care. The result is healthy Wageningen born & raised baby plants for you to adopt.


Click the link below to see what's currently available!



I raise many of the seedlings in soil blocks, which has a number of benefits, including:


- Stronger germination

- Quicker to adapt once planted

- No plastic!



A successful moestuin has a lot to do with planning & timing: specific vegetables grow better at certain times of year & you can produce much more simply by being well-organised.


However, this requires some background knowledge & can be quite tricky & time-consuming. Again, I'd love to help you with this:


- The seedlings are only on sale at the right time of year for planting those specific varieties.


- You can find specific information on the site about how to care for them.


- I also run workshops throughout the year for those who want to dive a bit deeper.


To the left an example of a yearly growing plan for one garden bed.


Tending to a garden can take up a lot of your time. When things go wrong, which is often out of our control, this can be very disheartening - trust me I know the feeling!


However, it needn't be this way. With a few simple methods based on how things work in nature, gardening can become a real joy & you can produce a lot of nutritious food for you & your family.


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