Tips & tricks: Tomatoes are tricky outdoors in our climate. These are all heirloom varieties bred for higher disease-resistance so can succeed outdoors, but best results will be achieved under cover in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Plant under cover in April, outdoors May after the last frost.

All of these varieties are indeterminate, meaning they are best grown pruned to a single vine. Provide support with strong bamboo poles or strings tied to a support above. Pinch out the side shoots once a week to make sure as much energy as possible goes into producing fruit instead of more stem & leaves. It's a good idea to pinch off the first set of flowers so the plant gets well established first before directing energy to fruiting. Remove lower leaves of the plant as it grows to allow more light to access the fruit and improve air flow for disease prevention.

Variety: Millefleur

Description: Amazing variety that produces an overflow of small yellow fruit (cherry tomatoes). Slightly slower to ripen than other varieties, but once ready you get a lot! Remove lowest flower truss so that it doesn't hang too low to the ground (this helps prevent fungal disease).

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Golden Currant

Description: Yellow cherry variety closely related to the wild tomato and therefore in theory more disease resistant. This one you can even leave to sprawl rather than tying it up on supports.

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Blush

Description: Oval-shaped cherry tomato with pretty fruit that fades from red to orange when ripe. Self-saved seeds grown outdoors & selected for disease-resistance.

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Galina

Description: Sweet yellow cherry tomato, originally from Siberia! Due to its origins it is fast to establish even in early spring, and also continues producing once other varieties have already given up to the autumn cold. Self-saved seeds selected for disease-resistance.

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Matt's Wild Cherry

Description: A tomato with a story! This variety is the direct lineage of wild tomatoes from Eastern Mexico. It yields less than modern varieties but the flavour is insane!

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Resibella

Description: Red cherry tomato bred for high resistance to the common fungal disease Phytoptera, and so a good one for growing outdoors.

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Sweet Primabella

Description: Red cocktail tomato with a good balance of sweet & sour taste. Bred for growing outdoors.

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Vivagrande

Description: Red beef tomato for cooking or in burgers & sandwiches. Bred for outdoor growing.

Price: €3/ plant

Variety: Green Zebra

Description: A special variety that stays green with yellow speckles when ripe. 30 years of breeding have concentrated on developing the best possible flavour for this tomato.

Price: €3/ plant