Pick Your Own


The Basics

1. Arrive at the Pluktuin with your own bags and containers*.


2. Pick what you need (keep different produce separate).


3. Come to the pay point to weigh your harvest & pay by cash or card.


4. Enjoy agroecologically-grown fresh local veggies!


*If you have containers then weigh them in advance, so you don’t pay for this weight at the end!

*opening times are now: Saturday 11.00-17.00.

Pluktuin de Bosrand

Pluktuin Sayuran is located within the pre-existing Pluktuin de Bosrand. So there are two pluktuins in one!


Don't get confused however, we are two separate enterprises! At Pluktuin de Bosrand you can pick your own flower bouquets, berries, fruits & herbal tea leaves. You can even enjoy a drink on the tea terrace, together with Petra's delicious homemade baked goods inspired by garden ingredients.*


Visitors to Pluktuin de Bosrand can also get their hands on some vegetables, even if Pluktuin Sayuran is not open:


1. Grab pre-harvested produce from the roadside stall, or pick & weigh your own.


2. Pay via your mobile banking app by scanning the QR code at the pay point. Welcome to the modern world!


*Pluktuin de Bosrand asks an entry fee of  EUR 2.50. If you're only coming for the veggies on Saturday, you don't need to pay this.